Solar Efficiency is determined by the Total Solar Resource Factor (TSRF) at a given location. Solar Collectors gain their maximum efficiency and power output under full direct sunlight. Maximum efficiency and return on investment (ROI) of a stationary PV system is achieved when solar panels are oriented between Southeast and Southwest at a 15º to 45º tilt, and experience no shading from trees, buildings or other objects throughout the day. A roof with an east-west peak and a south face makes an ideal and cost-effective location for a solar array.

If you feel you have a suitable site for solar power, Willpower Electric, LLC will be happy to make an accurate, complimentary assessment for you here. We will determine your anticipated annual solar power production from the available space, calculate the TSRF, and accurately predict the expected annual savings on your power bill.

Willpower Electric, LLC’s design process includes obtaining Electrical Permits and Energy Trust Cash Incentive Reservation. We also provide the necessary documentation to receive the 30% Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit for businesses and individuals.

Willpower Electric LLC

Installation and follow through include system commissioning, final inspections by local Building Department and Energy Trust, a complete and owner’s manual, training, and an unconditional 2 year warranty on materials and workmanship in addition to support of manufacturer’s warranties on inverters, solar panels and balance of system components at no additional cost to customers.

Our Solar Installation Services include:

  • Roof mount solar systems
  • Ground mount solar systems
  • Pole mount solar systems
  • Dual axis tracker solar systems
  • Energy Storage
  • Generator