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Harvey Austin

Bruce Fiero, the owner, arrived promptly and I found him open, honest and committed to provide me with advice so clean that it was not in his financial interest. But it was in mine. Should I need an electrician, I will call him … only him… and do exactly what he suggests and pay what he asks. I have never written a review like this… and it is my privilege to do so.

Jerry Stuart, President

Southern Oregon Labor Temple Association

The Southern Oregon Labor Temple placed a 63.35 kw PV solar system on metal roof at the end of 2016. The square footage of our building is just over 7,000 sq ft. Willpower Electric, LLC assisted us with applying for and understanding the Energy Trust Incentive and the Oregon Department of Energy Grant.

Before our solar was installed our electric bill ran as high as $1,024 one month. Since installing the solar we have realized significant savings of roughly 70% each month. Last year alone we saved nearly $6,400 compared to 2016.

We are happy to display our solar panels as we are located off Highway 99 in Central Point. Also, strangely enough we are excited every month to open our electric bill and see what our cost savings are.

This is what we call Win-Win.

Thank you to Willpower Electric for doing such a wonderful job!

Joseph Wismann

This month (December 2017) marks 1 year since the installation of the 10.35 kW grid tied solar electric system at my residence in Talent, OR. I couldn't be happier! Bruce dropped by today (12/30/17) and we reviewed the generation data for the last 12 months. Despite the smoke this past summer, the system generated as much energy as I consumed - which means my home is carbon neutral! So Giving myself a big pat on the back and checking that off on my bucket list. Everyone won't be as fortunate as I am. I have nearly ideal roof orientation and only minor shading from trees, etc. Many, many thanks to Bruce and his entire team at Willpower Electric! They helped every step of the way from initial consulting through design, through coordination with the state and Pacific Power, and filing for the tax credits. They made complex stuff seem easy. The system Willpower installed is quite robust as it includes a battery backup system that is recharged by the solar system even during power outages. If Bruce says they can handle it - they can! This entire event and its outcome could not have been better.